So 2016 is already half way over! Can you believe it? Feels like we were just toasting to the New Year and proclaiming our resolutions for the years. So far, I have stuck to my list of changes. However, I know I am not the only one who fell short of achieving our resolutions. If you are serious about change, you must only set realistic goals. I like to set new goals each month to ensure I am improving over the year. Have you conquered any thing on your bucket list? What is some goals you have accomplished so far this year? Let me know below.


This goal is going to be the hardest to achieve, but the most rewarding. I have found myself pushing the snooze button for about a half hour until I finally get up. Not exactly a great idea when you have a toddler to get up and started with a daily routine. If I gave myself more time to be productive in the morning, it will spill over into my day being better. Eventually, my long term goal will be to work out then start my morning routine. However, never forget to be realistic with your goals! I could squeeze  cooking breakfast, preparing Cameron for school, and of course a cup of coffee and my morning news.Making my bed may be a sub goal in this case. Coming home to a tidy bed is refreshing after a long day. Not to mention, the moment you reuniting with a warm bed I didn’t want to leave that morning.  Do you have any special routines to start your day positively? Comment Below!


Although, I am at a comfortable weight, I would like to get in shape. My son is becoming more and more active each day. He isn’t quite old enough for some extracurricular activities so it leaves me to burn out his energy by dinner time. Running is very therapeutic, and I would like to incorporate my son in this as well. If you have any tips on how you do your family work out just leave a comment.


So, if you haven’t notice with all of my social media updates, I started my own business. I have joined YouTube after years of debate. My channel is mainly for hobby with vlogging and beauty tips. In addition, to my vlogging channel, I have a blog. My blog is about Creativity, Lifestyle, and Inspiration. I do offer services such as web design, graphics, flyers, and branding. So you can imagine I get pretty busy with a full time job, mother duties, and school to tend on top of growing my business. I do plan to set office hours for myself once my work space is complete. Which brings me to my next goal.


I know you may be thinking, this isn’t a real goal, but, it is! In order to be more productive you need a area you have dedicated to your work. I do most of my homework laying in bed with my laptop propped over my pillow. I mostly fall asleep or feel uninspired when I do this. For all of my bloggers/ YouTuber’s I have compiled a list of must haves in your glam rooms and offices. Just click the picture to see the must haves!


What are your goals for this coming fall ? Leave a comment and let me know!


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