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Nude is defiantly the new black! Spring & Summer will be full of simplistic color palettes. Adding very neutral colors is ironically. . . . BOLD! Throw on a pair of army olive skinnies and a body suit. Wa-La, you have the perfect combination.
Adding in an exasperated strap sandal will add the pop in the outfit if you are looking to dress more business casual. You should think about adding a blazer or a pair of scarpin heels.
Not Sure Where To Get This Look?
It’s time to go through your closet and throw out those pumps. The big stripper pumps are no longer in ladies! Now that summer is quickly approaching you may want to consider revamping your style. Try buying a coordinating collection of shoes such as the ones in the image. Once you have a variety of shoes. You can order some whites, greys, plush pink, and nude clothing to compliment the shoe.
One thing to remember in your new wardrobe. . . Less is more!
If you don’t like the chic plush look, try incorporating darker neutral colors. A crop solid color crop top and a form fitting skirt is the base of the outfit. You can add an olive bomber jacket or even a light-weight trench coat. Throw on some lace up ankle booties to add an abstract pop. Any way you style it the neutral colors are in this summer 2016.



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