So 2016 is already half way over! Can you believe it? Feels like we were just toasting to the New Year and proclaiming our resolutions for the years. So far, I have stuck to my list of changes. However, I know I am not the only one who fell short of achieving our resolutions. If you are serious about change, you must only set realistic goals. I like to set new goals each month to ensure I am improving over the year. Have you conquered any thing on your bucket list? What is some goals you have accomplished so far this year? Let me know below.


This goal is going to be the hardest to achieve, but the most rewarding. I have found myself pushing the snooze button for about a half hour until I finally get up. Not exactly a great idea when you have a toddler to get up and started with a daily routine. If I gave myself more time to be productive in the morning, it will spill over into my day being better. Eventually, my long term goal will be to work out then start my morning routine. However, never forget to be realistic with your goals! I could squeeze  cooking breakfast, preparing Cameron for school, and of course a cup of coffee and my morning news.Making my bed may be a sub goal in this case. Coming home to a tidy bed is refreshing after a long day. Not to mention, the moment you reuniting with a warm bed I didn’t want to leave that morning.  Do you have any special routines to start your day positively? Comment Below!


Although, I am at a comfortable weight, I would like to get in shape. My son is becoming more and more active each day. He isn’t quite old enough for some extracurricular activities so it leaves me to burn out his energy by dinner time. Running is very therapeutic, and I would like to incorporate my son in this as well. If you have any tips on how you do your family work out just leave a comment.


So, if you haven’t notice with all of my social media updates, I started my own business. I have joined YouTube after years of debate. My channel is mainly for hobby with vlogging and beauty tips. In addition, to my vlogging channel, I have a blog. My blog is about Creativity, Lifestyle, and Inspiration. I do offer services such as web design, graphics, flyers, and branding. So you can imagine I get pretty busy with a full time job, mother duties, and school to tend on top of growing my business. I do plan to set office hours for myself once my work space is complete. Which brings me to my next goal.


I know you may be thinking, this isn’t a real goal, but, it is! In order to be more productive you need a area you have dedicated to your work. I do most of my homework laying in bed with my laptop propped over my pillow. I mostly fall asleep or feel uninspired when I do this. For all of my bloggers/ YouTuber’s I have compiled a list of must haves in your glam rooms and offices. Just click the picture to see the must haves!


What are your goals for this coming fall ? Leave a comment and let me know!


How To Save Money With Coupons !

This isn’t your typical white picket fence, stay-at-home suburban mom, money-saving tip post. This always gets me when I read other bloggers post about pinching a penny! Circumstances are much different for younger moms, working moms, and even single mothers. So, I have decided to share my 5 best tips for saving money monthly.

    I am no expert at couponing and will be the first to admit it. However, it saves me the most money each month. I stock up on all my household cleaning supplies, beauty supplies, and things for Cameron.CVS is my go-to for most items because they accept manufacturer coupon, CVS coupons, and CareBucks . Combing multiple coupons per transaction let’s you buy bulks of products.
    Instead of throwing out you kids old clothes, shoes, and toys you can sell them to a re seller store like Once Upon A Child, Plato’s Closet, or even donate to a Good Will. Now, I know what your think, Donate? But, you can write it off on you taxes at the end of the year. Remember to keep every receipt on any purchases.
    This can be hard if you are a frequent mall shopper. You don’t have to spend retail to be a fashionable mom. I do most of my clothes shopping online for the deals. Online shops have exclusive offers, reward points, and sales on items over a certain  amount. Fashionova, Shoedazzle, Groupon, and RetailMeNot are my most faCopy of FIVEvorite sites to save.
    If you want to know more about How to save while online shopping , click the picture below.
    It is best to have a visual of your monthly budget & expenses. There are many online sites that offer free widgets to track expenses. Controlling your money and knowing how much you have to spend after bills each month will make saving even smoother.
  5. SAVE
    I know this obvious tip! Building a savings and growing it will help you in the long run. I know we have all ran in emergency situations, where we needed money fast. I will tell you first hand, having a savings to pull money from will help keep you on track with your monthly expenses. If you are constantly in a whole and have no other resource to pull money from. You will quickly fall behind on your expenses and ultimately fall into debt.

How To Get Through The Terrible Two’s !

So, I am a mother of a loud and silly 2 year old. At times it can be overwhelming when he simply isn’t cooperating. He never gave me any problems as an infant. He slept through the night regularly. He rarely cried unless he was hungry or didn’t want the bottle (he was breast fed). When Cameron turned one he was still a good baby. He loved to crawl and lift himself up. By Thanksgiving he was walking and the rest is now history. Once Cameron learned how to walk he stepped into the terrible twos early. He goes through stages where he cries because he wants to choice EVERYTHING. He also likes to explore and touch EVERYTHING. Not-to-mention, He is in the “NO” phase! I have compiled a list of things I find that help me with Cameron.

I am a full time healthcare worker and nursing student so it is a challenge to give him consistency. However, I plan everything from school, work, to personal weeks in advance. Therefore, I know what I am getting into before weeks to come.  His father does keep him on a general schedule, which helps me tremendously.

1. Put your child on a routine schedule: In order to eliminate his temper-tantrums throughout the day, we put him on a schedule. I found that Cameron needs 2 long naps or 3 short naps throughout the day. Typically, he naps at 10:00am, 1:30pm, and 4:00pm.

6.00AM: Cameron Wakes Up
6:45AM: On The Go Breakfast
  8:00AM: Morning Cartoons / Snack
10:00AM: Nap Number One
12:30PM: Lunch Time
1:00PM: Play time
1:30PM: Nap Number Two
____ Playtime/Outside____
4:00PM: Nap Number Three/ Mommy Time
____Evening Routine____

16 Make sure your toddler isn’t hungry throughout the day: On the weekends when I am less busy I try and make sure I have his food ready at the time I know he gets hungry. Cameron normally ask me for food once he wakes up in the morning, after naps, during car rides, and as soon as I get home from work around 5:00PM. To cut back on him throwing fits simply because he is hungry I buy many quick and healthy snacks. Some of Cameron’s favorites are:

  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Danimal’s Yogurt Smoothies
  •  Strawberries
  • Graham Crackers
  • Ravioli
  • Avocado
  • Broccoli
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Soup / Rice
3. Make sure you give you toddler some one-on-one time: I felt really bad once Cameron’s dad told me he may be acting out because he misses mommy all day. Once I thought about it, he was right. Cameron would cry even after I done all I could do to put him in a better mood once I got off work. Once I started getting to his level and playing with him after dinner. I noticed he was happier throughout the day and bed time. Your toddlers do miss you and want the affection. It is very easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.  I feel we may forget they are still babies at heart and we should show them more attention.
4. Keep your toddler busy with activities: It can be easy to forget that toddlers get bored too. If your child has no time to get into things, they most certainly won’t have time to throw a fit. I use to be a preschool teacher and have learned so many tricks along the way. You can follow my Pinterest to get some daily activities.
5. Discipline is the key to a calm toddler: Moms, remember a calm child is more likely to come from a calm home. We use to yell and demand Cameron to stop the tantrums. After only making things worst and further frustrating him we sat down and thought about what we were doing wrong. If you want someone to be calm you won’t scream at them. You would try to find out the problem.
 Now, anytime Cameron gets frustrated I tell him, “stopping crying, use your words, and tell mommy.” Using this practiced has helped me to understand his needs while building his vocabulary.
Another method I use is time out. Instead of spanking Cameron for doing something wrong we decided to give him time outs in the corner. He learned as soon as we put him in the corner that we meant business. He stopped crying and after 2 minutes we ask, “Are you ready to stop being a bad boy and go play”? He response and usually tries to tell me more once he is out the corner. I didn’t want him to think hitting was okay or the only way to interact.
It can be easy to just ignore your toddler and tune out the noise. After being a teacher my toon-out skills are now on fleek. However, if Cameron is in the Living room throwing my pillows and I allow it by ignoring it. The problem isn’t Cameron, it’s me for leaving him unsupervised while I cool dinner.
“Remember a child will only do what you allow. If you ignore everything, your child will do anything. “
 Instead, bring your child in the kitchen and let them help. This way your child is busy and happy to be a littler helper. You get to cook dinner while bonding with your little one.
“I often say being a teacher has made me a better mother, being a mother has made me a better teacher.”-starnae

6. When all else fells, give your toddler a bubble bath: I am not sure if this will work for every toddler. After a long day of ups and downs we can wash it away. Cameron loves bubble baths and tends to sleep better at night when he has one. I use The Honest Company products for his longer bubble baths. There is no real logic behind this method. Using lavender in his bath actually helps him sleep longer, which is a bonus for me so I can get homework done.
Overall, just learn your child’s needs and patterns. Get your little one on a routine, and don’t forget to spend some quality time. If you have any additional tips feel free to comment down below.

How To Super Save At Target !


Target Gift Card Program

 Usually in weekly Target ads you can find some great free gift card offers. If these are not in the weekly ad, they do have the sales on the shelf tag. Normally, you have to spend a certain amount and you can redeem your gift card at check out. However, you can’t use the gift card with the same transaction. When you do this just plan out you next target haul and make sure you are combining the right coupons with your gift card to get the biggest savings next shopping trip.


Target Coupons

 After watching the TLC series,” Extreme Couponing.” I was inspired to start saving more of my own money. I can walk into Target and tell myself,” You are only here for some pull-ups and socks.” But, it never seems to go that quickly because I’m always hunting for deals and ways to get more for my money. The coupon policy at Target allows you to combine a manufacturer coupon with a Target Store Coupon. I have linked some printable coupons you can access online for Target.
*Remember: The Target Printable Coupons allow only 1 coupon per offer per guest unless otherwise noted.

 Target Price Match Guarantee

Many major department stores have started the price match guarantee program. If you buy a qualifying item at a Target store then find the identical item for less . Target will match the competitions price. All you need to do once you find a match is take your ads to the Guest Services desk before you make your purchase. If you already bought the item just take the Target store receipt and proof of the current lower price and they will credit the difference.


Details About Target Price Match

The product must match Targets from the brand to the height and weight. Only one person is allowed one price match at a time. If you are buying in bulk, just bring multiple shoppers. The price match program can be tricky because the offer must be valid at the time of purchase. In addition, the competitor must have the item in stock during the time of request. They really pay attention to the competitors ad. If item is not available in a Target store, a rain check will not be issued to match the online price or competitor’s print ad.

Target Competitors



      Exclusions Apply:


  • Mail-in offers or instant rebates.
  • Clearance, closeout, damaged product, used, refurbished, open packages or liquidation sales.
  • Offers that include financing.
  • Paid membership club or paid loyalty programs


Competitor price matches on items where Target or the competitor is offering a free gift card

Want More Savings?. . . .
Read More: Top Five Rebate Apps. . .

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